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Tales from the Road is a slice of life interactive fiction game with a furry theme. The game features a story about a disgruntled contract worker whose grown bored of their work. The first chapter of the story features an introduction to our core cast of characters and explores the player character’s (PC) dissatisfaction with their current situation. The second chapter expands upon the relationships and backstory of the PC and introduces an important story aspect which will be heavily expanded upon in the future. The script for the story is currently 29,000+ words long, with 2 of the chapters being completed, and the 3rd being about 75%  finished. Total playtime should be around 3 - 4 hours.

The gameplay is quite simple. The game is entirely text-based and is played from a command window environment. You can navigate the world using the usual commands of ‘north’, ‘south’ ‘west’ ‘east’ 'talk'  and by typing the name of the thing you are trying to interact with. There’s no combat or anything like that, making this game very story driven. There just wasn’t really a place for a combat system given the story I’m trying to tell.

This game is mostly safe for work. There is swearing and some suggestive content.

This is an early version of the game. Bugs might happen, there might be some odd design issues. If you encounter either of those things just let me know on here, on GitHub or on Twitter and I’ll do my best to try and fix them.

Even if you didn't have any problems I'd greatly appreciate hearing any feedback you might have!  Just post it on here via a rating or comment, or send it to me on Twitter.

I created this game using Python 3.7. Tales from the Road will always be completely free and open source.

If you want more info on the project check out the GitHub page, or the devlog page. I try to post some insight into my writing and development process every so often on those pages. You can also follow me on Twitter here. I'll occasionally post updates about the game on there.

Hope you enjoy the game!

Install instructions

Running Tales from the Road on Windows:
Download the zip file and extract the files to whatever folder you want. 

Run base.exe like you would any other program and a command prompt window will open. Your save file (named gamestate.pickle) will be saved in the same folder as the exe.

Running Tales from the Road on Linux:

Download the Tales from the Road Linux tar.gz and extract the Tales-Linux folder to your preferred destination

Use a file explorer and go to the Tales-Linux folder

While in the Tales-Linux folder, right click on any bit of empty space and select the Open in Terminal option. Or, you can open the terminal as you normally would and cd into the Tales-Linux folder.

You can find the directory that you should change to by right clicking the Base file and clicking properties. It should state the location/directory on that page.

With the terminal open and directed to the Tales-Linux folder, type in the following command:

./Base (Ensure that Base is typed in exactly like that).

And that will start the game. Saves are stored in the same folder as Base (gamestate.pickle). If/when you want to start the game again just repeat the process.

Running Tales from the Road on macOS: 

Tales from the Road is not currently supported on macOS.

If Updating:

Simply drag and drop the new files into the folder of the old version and overwrite everything. I highly recommend backing up your save files before updating; better safe than sorry.


Tales from the Road Windows 0.1.5 4 MB
Tales from the Road Linux 0.1.5 6 MB
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